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Hmmm... and what do you think is your opposite Ginger? ^_^'

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ravenanne, June 5th, 2011, 12:38 pm ( Reply )

Note: The other candidates namely Lucas "Luke" Evanclaire and Sebastian "Ian" Evanclaire are already 16 years old so Matthew turning 16 will make it inevitable for the whole clan to make the final decision ^_^

@i_am_otaku_4_yaoi: Aww, that sounds like music to my ears ^_^

@megami23: Why thank you! 2x ^_^
Ehe see next page! ;D

@bluewild: Thanks haha! Having more reader's inspire me to give it my all! ^_^

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i_am_otaku_4_yaoi:D, June 5th, 2011, 9:03 pm ( Reply )

Okay, I love your comic~

megami23, June 14th, 2011, 6:12 am ( Reply )

;v; Your comic is so cute! I love the colors and textures you use, they give the comic a lighthearted mood~
Can't wait to see what she'll do about his proposal! 8D

bluewild, June 16th, 2011, 12:22 pm ( Reply )

oh my! nice comic! and it got colored as well... I'll be really looking forward to this

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